My Thoughts on Gainswave and why I don’t Recommend it for Most Men

Gainswave™ states that it’s a solution that treats the underlying cause. 


It works by utilizing high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis, remove micro-plaque, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.


It usually involves 6-12 treatments and results last two years.


What men find surprising is when they are also put on a PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra/Cialis/Levitra) in combination with this therapy.


I’ve said that, “Any treatment that only focuses on your genitals will give you temporary results.”

Frequency and sound wave treatments prove my point.


That’s because there are underlying CAUSES not just one cause.


Gainswave™ and its claim are not going deep enough. 


From my perspective, Gainswave™ treats a SYMPTOM 

of a man who’s body is out of balance due to his lifestyle and habits.


If you don’t treat the underlying causes then your ED will come back.


The underlying causes are:


✅ An overstimulated nervous system

✅ Decreased Circulation

✅ Mental and Emotion blocks

✅ Mismanagement of sexual energy

✅ Certain Medications

✅ Porn addiction


Gainswave™ and pills can not help you with all of the causes… but I can. 


I am writing this to open your mind and help you see another perspective.

I’m not here to bash Gainswave™.

I do advocate it for men with Perones and longterm Type 1 Diabetes that has not been well managed.


I’m also writing this because I get doctor referrals for men that do not get results with Gainswave™ and PDE5 inhibitors and I am able to help them. I’ve become the Emergency Room when these treatments fail and I would rather have my work be a first choice. 


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