Guest Spot on The Dr Vibe Show

Being on the Dr Vibe show was fun and stimulating. He does a great job of asking unexpected questions, as does his surprise panel of guests.

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Here are the show notes:

Recently, Shari was on our show talking about "Erectile Dysfunction And Alternative Treatment Methods Of Treating Erectile Dysfunction".

During our conversation, Shari talked about:

– Some of her background including being a stripper in Niagara Falls, New York for ten years

– How she began being a sexual healer and memories from the early days – Some of the untruths regarding erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

– Tantra healing – Handling men who want to get into a relationship with her

– Her youngest and oldest client

– The changes she has seen in men’s behaviour since the #MeToo movement

– About how porn steals a man’s and boy’s innocence

– The relationship between masturbation and premature ejaculation

– Demographics of her client base (majority of her clients are alpha men)

– Growing her client base despite not being able to advertise her business in a normal way

– Her service being different from what pharmaceutical companies offer

– Some of the potential chronic side effects for men who take the medication Viagra to cure erectile dysfunction

– The stigma about erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation still existing and why

– Her not wanting the client’s partner involved in her coaching and her coaching practice being unique

– What has she learned about herself during this journey and what keeps her going – When did she know that this was her calling

– Her thoughts on her success last year and a recent success story

– Her plans for 2020  

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